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CNBC Logo concepts for CNBC Primetime
boneheads - apparel line - logo
BMW Financial Services logo for building dedication - The logo was for BMW Financial Services which was dedicating a new building in Ohio. It uses elements from the architecture of the new building and was branded across all elements for the ceremony.
Logo for pediatric Dentist
Maidenform Girl - New logo for rebranding of Maidenform's line of girl bras and underwear
CNBC – Logo for the Tech Ops Department TV channel.
CNBC – Logo for the Tech Ops Department
logo for an independent film
The Children's Place - logo for a t-shirt for Epilepsy Freedom Walk in Los Angeles, CA for actor Greg Grunberg son's team.
Student newspaper logo
Maidenform - internal logo for Maidenform employees
Logo concept for NBC Universal Kids show
PlacePerks logo - The Children's Place - new logo and new color palette (expanding the corporate guidelines) for the rebranding of place perks rewards program for The Children's Place. Incorporated in all print materials (Direct-Mail, In store,) and website.
logo for a church a cappella group
Local Movie theater logo
CNBC Logo concepts for CNBC Primetime
Music development company logo – Avenir – french for "future". They find and develop music artists and get them ready for major labels.
First Community Bank - logo for a local bank. Number "1" had to be incorporated in the design. Color pallet separates the brand from older less approachable banks.
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Logos that i have created with various creative techniques and disciplines

Adam Rogers
Sr. Designer/Art Director Woodbridge Township, NJ