Above shows the problems that injured and emergency rescue teams often face when dealing with an injured individual on the slopes.
Rescue Organisations that operate inside alpine resorts are privately owned companies, the helicopter service runs independently of the toboggan patrol companies, this therefore justifies increased cost on a more effective toboggan as it will result in increased profit levels.
Ski Patrol - Rescue Toboggan

In 2013 on a family ski trip to the Alps, I unfortunately dislocated my shoulder and was air lifted off the mountain. It took over 25 minutes to reach me as all other helicopters were in use and cost me over £4500 and I did not need an air ambulance, I had a moderate muscular injury that accounts for 68% of injures on the slopes of which 40% are knee injuries. The rescue sledge was poorly adapted to the uneven slope and was useless inside the emergency it was obvious to a design minded individual that the current products had a number of key problems that needed to be addressed this formed my problem

Adam Turner
Adam Turner Bournemouth, United Kingdom