Cakaomix Project - This project presents a new product inspired by the colombian gastronomy culture focused on the preparation of the hot chocolate. The main objective is to introduce into the german market a new way of preparing this ancient drink and giving at the same time a new chocolate experience. The development of the project is based on the research of the processes involved in the preparation of this delicious drink and analysing the utensils and ingredients.
The Cakaomix Process - This product is composed of three elements: - a support base - a container - a quirl ("molinillo") Part of the project was to developed a prototype of one of the elements. This was made from an "Object maschine".
Cakaomix Details - There is a device inside the container. The support base has three control buttons to turn it on and off.
Cakaomix Project
Freelance, Full-time
Adriana Garcerá Garcés
Product Designer & Marketing Professional Taipei, Taiwan