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I'm a Product Designer (Industrial Designer) currently working towards a PhD in Product Design Management in the Department of Design Manufacture and Engineering Management (DMEM) at the University of Strathclyde. My research aims to save Product Design / Industrial Design agencies time & money by building tools to quickly and accurately estimate the time needed to complete design projects from just the project brief. This is done through modelling designers' tacit knowledge and perceptions of design projects and developing a data-less resource forecasting method for design projects.


Cyclehack 2016 - Best Concept Part of a two-man team to improve the social aspect of commuting by bicycle through the crucible of bike racing. "SPRINTRS" is a campaign to turn the bike boxes at traffic lights into a starting grid where cyclists use the traffic lights as the starting gun for a sprint between the lights. (Rules of the road still apply). Developed at the weekend hack-a-thon Cyclehack, in Glasgow 2016. https://vimeo.com/172375515 Cyclehack 2015 - Best Physical Prototype Leading a team to produce the 'Personal (Cycling) Space'‚Äč, a proximity sensor equipped rear light to warn overtaking road users when they are too close to the cyclist. Developed for inner city cycling at the weekend hack-a-thon Cyclehack, in Glasgow 2015. https://vimeo.com/131350008 Cyclehack 2014 - Best Prototype Award As part of a team that produced the 'Urban Survival Package' for inner city navigation and survival at the weekend hack-a-thon Cyclehack, in Glasgow 2014. https://vimeo.com/98876527 Glasgow Caledonian University's Product Design Best Overall Student Final Year Prize

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