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DEUCE Brochure

DEUCE is a new and innovative sport company servicing the Minneapolis/St Paul area in Minnesota. They provide a flexible and mobile tennis training for beginners to advanced players, using new and cutting edge training tools.
I am excited about the prospects of working with them as they grow.
My thought of a brochure was one of another unwanted mailer. I was determined to conceptualize for this new service something the "receiver" would actually keep: First, for the look; then the structure/quality/"feel" of the printing; and finally for the valuable information.
The success of this project is that, people like this brochure even before getting into the details of the material.
As saturated as we are with information these days, I believe it is a good thing for "creatives" and "communicators" to be allow to stretch the boundaries of how we work... And will work.
Good aesthetic to me is a vessel that transports exceptional information.