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Tennis Tease (Brand of Athletic Apparel)

Tennis Tease is a Minnesota based brand with a national reach. The brand is advertised, displayed and promoted during major WTA (Women Tennis Association) events, mostly in North America (USA & Canada).
The ownership and management of Tennis Tease was looking to brake in locally and introduce the brand to the Minneapolis market.
I proposed a fashion show in collaboration with two established brands (Tennis on Selby & Joia Soda) to showcase their products. But, the most important goal was to reach out to the local market of women tennis players.
Tennis Tease offers a very clever line of women clothing. It is colorful, well designed, and humorous. I believe then and now that they can make an "in-road" into the big tennis apparel market by competing indirectly... Which is focusing on the niche they have created.
Current, to expand their reach Tennis Tease is negotiating retail contracts with 3 great online tennis retailers:
Tennis Warehouse; Tennis Express; Midwestsports.

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