Instant Treehouse! - 1-Find a tree 2-Load treehouse cartridge in this artillery gun looking thing (ahem, parental supervision required) 3-FIRE! cartridge into tree and in mid air it has a CO² canister that fills a frame made of inflatable tubes 4-Treehouse expands to fill voids between branches–anchoring itself 5-Anchor the treehouse for real 6-The fabric this structure is made of is impregnated with cement and hardens when wetted 7-This semi-permanent shelter also sprouts ivy to blend into its surroundings
Sherpa Mega Roller Bag - Sherpa is a concept for a regular old roller bag . . . with tank treads that follows you while you run, roller blade, bike, skip, saunter, etc. It carries your clean clothes and personal effects without back-sweat or burden. Some extra features include: 1 -A wireless connection that allows Sherpa to follow you 2- It stands upright as a horizontal surface for easy use 3 - The handles extend to hang clothes on to organize 4 - The treads fold in and function as a normal roller bag.
Survival Jacket - Maybe I've watched "The Edge" too many times but I want to be prepared to make a grizzly into steaks at any given moment. Built in lights, lifejacket, first aid kit, and a rain water collector. You have to bring your own knife (pack it in your checked bag). NOTE - This is a first blush design - I just thought it out a bit and drew it. I colored it a bit to keep it classy.
Ahern Laurinat
Footwear Designer Boston, MA