When I joined the Limb Lobber team, the Unity-based project had already launched on iOS and Android. During my time working on the game, I rebalanced 60 of existing levels, and released the game on the Windows Phone Store. These changes resulted in a 2000% growth in playerbase.
At the start of each level, a popup will let you know the monster's attack pattern. Monsters will attack after a set number of turns, and the face next to it will let you know how close it is to attacking.
As the level designer on this team, I updated 60 levels to be more enkeeping with the difficulty curve we were targeting. I used all tools available to me in varying ways to edit levels to be more exciting, and challenging in interesting and different ways.
Limb Lobber - 2016

I worked on this game after 2 years in development. I rebalanced 60 levels, and in doing so we increased our playerbase by 2000%. The team re-released Limb Lobber on Android, Windows Phone, and IOS.

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Alec Heyer
Game Designer I Lutherville-Timonium, MD