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Day 1: Shaping and Forming
Day 2: Refining the Shape
Day 5: Filling the Seams
Day 5: Filling the Seams
Day 8: Ready to Present
Day 8: Ready to Present
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A little car model I made in college

This was one of the final projects that I made for college. I actually had drawings of this from back in 2003 when I was bored at work and playing with Microsoft Paint (bank jobs were great!)

I always wanted to see what it would've looked like as a model, so I decided to give it a chance. BIG MISTAKE.

While people spent less than 10 hours on their projects and got Bs and Cs, I spent over 120 hours getting the shapes and curves right on this. Yes, it got an A. :)

Strangely enough, Chrysler came out with a concept car called the Firepower about 2 years later and it looked WAY too similar to this.

Alex Becker
Environmental / Industrial Designer Loveland, OH