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CAD Drawing 1 - First drawing of Engginering Drawing & AUTO-CAD 2. Multiview drawing with dimensions.
CAD Drawing 2 - A drawing from Engineering Drawing & AUTO-CAD 1. Multiview.
Who doesn't love Mega Man?
Custom Vodka Bottle Label
Gut Vinyl graphic for Gates311.com
Early Alias Rendering for college marketing class - Project for Marketing class, we had to develop a product for an existing company. Our group brainstormed the project, I designed the can and created a presentation through Flass, Photoshop and Powerpoint.
BBS LM in Alias Studio - BBS LM in Alias Studio. Completed in about 8 hours. This version was rendered in Raycaster format. I have other versions available in Raytracer but are left off of this site.
Old Charcoal Drawing "Supercharged Cadbury" - Second project for Drawing 2. Size: 24"X30", in charcoal. The main objective for the project was to demonstrate how to use erasing as a subtractive medium. It was used extensively for the spinning gears, vibrating belts and the halo around the objects.
Design Project 4 Thumbnail, not final - Design Project 4. Project's objective is to take 3 colors and create a visual interpretation of an everyday phrase, in this case it was "I scream, you scream..." (I know, it's not very funny.) You may notice 4 colors, but the lightest pink was used as the background color. Marker colors were magenta, hot pink and violet. The lightest pink was only used to replicate a pink background color. Final product was sent to www.threadless.com for its T-shirt contest.
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Front View
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Old Portfolio Items

These are just some old images that I had on here when I was first looking for a real job. I can't being myself to delete them, especially the penguin animation. :D

Some of these (Gray Ghost and Racing Evo) were done for free. The Gray Ghost image eventually became a vodka label for a friend's boss. The Racing Evo was for a contest that someone was having for a new logo; got to work with the owner of the racing team on this one. I'll eventually put finals up of the finished logo.

Alex Becker
Environmental / Industrial Designer Loveland, OH