Auction challenges: - Balancing engagement and conversion with ease of use and retention -> Engagement via live auctions all in one list - At-a-glance useful vs. information overload -> Bid rate is higher with less information but sometimes pay rate is compromised - Gamification without dark patterns
Catalog challenges: - Serendipitous discovery vs. utilitarian search - Gauge interest & set auction reminders vs. transact - Pricing that doesn’t cannibalize / compete with auctions - Explaining heart icons (setting auctions reminders)

Live-auction open marketplace where items sell in 90 seconds and buyers become "addicted" to bidding!

- Improve key business metrics such as registration rate, conversion, retention and LTV.
- Define UI for live auction rooms, catalog browsing, item details, checkout flow, view order details, in-app customer support, order-related mailers, feedback flow, and seller tools.
- Design elegant solutions to complex workflows.
- Keep the interface beautiful and easy to use.
- Maintain cross-platform continuity: iOS, Android, web.

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Ali Michel
Product Design Leader Palo Alto, CA