Junak Gin - CGI

"Old postage stamps, among other things, are generally a great inspiration and it’s always fun to create designs such as this one", said Srdjan of Widakk Design Studio. They artfully combined the timelessness of postage stamps and gin into a package design system that's both artful and compelling.

I asked Srdjan for his permission to let me use his design to create a CGI series of this beautiful packaging and he was very kind to let me do it. The simple two-tone colour palette paired with the intricate illustration is ideal for this packaging system, creating a timeless and classic design.

The idea behind this series was to create moody images while highlighting the intricate details in the label artwork printed on the rustic ceramic bottle.

Freelance, Full-time
Amit Chippa
CGI Artist | Amit Chippa CGI Sdn. Bhd. George Town, Malaysia