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Toyota GT86.
Car model is downloaded from RTT website. Crdit goes to them for modeling.

My task was to do the Lighting setup and rendering.
Used Maya 2013, V-ray 2.0, and Photoshop.

Theme was to make a Poster of GT86 which has won Car of the Year award in 2012.
I wanted to render the Car in the Dark Lighting with only one side visible with the Main Curves in Highlights so other side is hidden and You won't see the whole car like to you see in Bright lighting.
Not exactly a Teaser Poster but wanted to make like a Introductory Poster just 1 day before Launch of the Car.
It was meant to be very very Dark with One Eye and The Feature Bonnet curves Visible.
"Composition Breakout"
Used 3 passes (Lighting, Matte Shadow & Specularity) over the Actual Render.
Played with Curves, Levels and have added extra manual highlights wherever needed.
Added the Text and Logos to give a final touch.

Software: Photoshop
Toyota GT86 Turbo!
A wallpaper presentation of the above car was the theme.

I wanted to try the White car in white backdrop.
Added halftone effect later.

Model of the car is downloaded. I don't own credit for 3D Model.

Lighting, Rendering, Shaders, Post-processing is done by Me.

Softwares: Maya, V-ray, Photoshop
GT86 in Blood Orange!

Lighting, Rendering, Materials - Maya + V-ray
Post-processing - Photoshop
Art Car!
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Toyota GT86

Automotive Visualization work done specifically in Autodesk MAYA.

My Contribution: Materials, Shaders, Texturing, Lighting, Rendering, Post-Processing.

Softwares: Autodesk MAYA, V-ray, Photoshop

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Freelance, Full-time
Amit Chippa
Lead 3D Artist Simpang Ampat, Malaysia