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“Memorial” is a system-product consisting of a permanent crystal installation that replaces the traditional tombstone and a portable tablet-like device that allows for sharing contents, messages, and images. The crystal installation features a solar panel that makes it energy independent and environmentally friendly, and it is purposefully transparent so as to harmoniously blend in with the surroundings. The portable device features the same transparent design and an OLED touch screen to view contents. Both the installation and the portable device are connected to a server that manages the contents online. ‘’Memorial’’ will allow people to leave messages and images on the wall of their beloved directly from their smartphone or computer. People will be able to browse through the image gallery and the messages that others have left. Family and friends will have access to this information anytime anywhere so that distance and the passing of time will not erase the memory of the beloved.

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Andrea Ponti
Managing Director | Ponti Design Studio Ltd. Hong Kong, Hong Kong