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Lipton Ice Tea - Calma e Tè Freddo

The Brief:
to create an engaging experience for the younger target of Lipton Ice Tea, rejuvenating the brand. The activity had to take place in commercial malls but also have a digital / viral output. The keyword were "Be Cool".
The Solution:
Playing with an italian saying "Calma e sangue freddo" ("Be calm and have cold blood"), which means "Be cool, don't fret about it", I devised the headline "Calma e tè freddo" - "Be calm and have an ice tea". Big billboards with cathastrophic events taking place would be placed in the common area of the malls. Like in the old fairs the billboards would have holes for faces so that people could get their picture as main characters of the action. Effectually turning them into testimonials of the brand on social networks. A smartphone app doing the same thing would support digitally the campaign. The bottom line of the campaign was "The ones who drink Lipton Ice Tea don't get easily shaken"

Andrea Carega
Design Lead at Climate investment Funds @ World Bank, previously... Roma, Italy