PACE Engineering Collaborative - During my senior year, I worked with the College of Engineering on a large automotive concept project led by General Motors, a collaboration between engineering, marketing, and design schools in several countries. I made myself a liaison between creative design and engineering. We shared ideas and held bi-weekly meeting via broadband video conferencing. GM designer Jess Bailey linked with me for a drawing session (shown)
Senior Thesis - Check this out. A lot of people with disabilities participate in adaptive sports.
My Thesis:
Mechanized waterski glove specifically designed to enhance grip strength for disabled athletes with limited upper body mobility. It uses a high torque servo to tighten "exo" tendons which operate much like natural tendons. This image shows the dissected glove with red tendons. On thumb button or dental sensor that actuates the servo, a failsafe release so noone unwillingly gets dragged behind the boat
TeamWatch - Post 911, a lot of people are scared about their families' security.
The system responds to realistic fears and instills community trust by providing home security in the form of a local network.Trusted neighbors, police, fire, and EMS are linked together. Friends respond to help one another, magnetic emergency keys are activated securely.
I illustrated a scenario where a neighbor helps an elderly woman during critical minutes before EMS arrive. Would be sold to a neighborhood developer.
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