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Inspired by the Awesome LODGE 49. Just caught Season 1 on a long flight. “People always go looking for unicorns when we’ve got rhinos.”
Jubilee from X-Men.
I have always had a soft spot for Jubilee since I too lived in a Hong Kong shopping mall for awhile.
Idea for an app....
A Hole in the Earth - A Frontispiece/Promotional Image I did for the sci-fi novel, "A Hole in the Earth" by Australian author, Grant Wales. The scene should be familiar to anyone who has traveled on Tokyo's JR lines during rush hour.
GATCHAMAN: Tiny-Ryu-Hooty
Cloud Surfing
This was for fun but I have been working on a slew of Star Wars plush over the last few months that I hope to upload soon..
1 Dwarf, 2 Dwarves.
Random Characters in different media:
Photoshop. Sketchbook Pro, marker, colored pencil, ballpoint pen, mechanical pencil...
The Big Bad Wolf was the first prototype character for VTech's V-Smile.
CODENAME: ONIKASAGO (scorpion fish)
This piece was inspired by my love of the huge frogman battle in " Thunderball" coupled with an odd preoccupation with scorpion fish Ian Fleming seemed to display in the Bond novels.
Graphics for a line of talking smart blocks.
The Iron Fist
Bone appetit
Yonin Sugoi!
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Illustration & Character Design
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Andrew Maximilian Blanch
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