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Dandy-Lion Rattle - This was a theme changing refresh of a flower shaped rattle featuring Dandy, the co-leader of the Jungle Pals.
Hue the Maracameleon - A variety of textures and sensors offer light and sound surprises as babies explore and shake this rattle. Hue changes colors to match the lyrics of the reggae song I wrote for him.
Crib Pals - Crib toy with removable plush bumper featuring Lily, Dubu and Tembo.
Lion Learn Jungle Gym - The flagship item for the line featuring washable plush bumpers on either side of the baby, a motion sensor to encourage leg movements and 3 detachable toys.
Early Gym Exploration-Tripod Option - I went through quite a few passes at the gym before arriving at the final concept. I always liked this one and wanted to explore the storage possibilities more.
On-the-Go Travel Trunk - Brainstorm sketch for a musical plush stroller toy.
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Infant Line-Soft Sensations

I had a lot of fun creating and overseeing all aspects of this jungle themed infant line.
To engage the baby in a full sensory experience, the toys combined various textures of plush and plastic, LEDs, motion sensors, brightly colored hand designed patterns and "Baby Reggae" versions of classic kid's favorites. Songs could be set to calming "Sleepy Time" or body grooving "Play Time".
For the brand I also designed a cast of jungle pals, each with their own distinctive personalities, likes and associative icons.

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  • I remember these! Wow, blast from the past.

    5 years ago

  • I remember these! Wow, blast from the past.

    5 years ago

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