I can help you name your characters or generate new ones from scratch no matter what style you are looking for.
I named each of my Thunder Stomper dinos and was amazed how far this rhyming onomatopoeia convention could go.
Client had come up with a line of stinky plush that made rude noises in a hark back to 80s gross out brands. I came up with some appropriate names for these rascals and as I love playing around with acronyms, the brand name as well.
After playing drums and singing in various bands over the years, I am fairly handy with song lyrics and have written songs for both VTech and Hasbro toys.
I created an avuncular bear character for a restaurant chain. Along with his plush doll version you could also purchase themed dress-up sets. I art directed the packaging and wrote copy as though it were from a children's book series of C.B.'s summertime adventures.
I planned some games which spoofed popular apps for an ambitious project we ultimately ended up abandoning. It was fun to "Sesame Streetize" popular culture with puns the way the show was very into at the time.
Character Bios for my Soft Sensations Safari line. I supplied these bios and some sketches to the talented, Edison Girard and he created these awesome illustrations. These were part of the Brand Bible.
Original character creation.
Snuggle 'n Hug Penguin: I created a new line of interactive feature plush and wrote the game play plans and scripts. Phrases were meant to encourage hugs with a bit of humor.
Script Writing + Copy Writing + Game Play Planning+Character Creation

One of my favorite parts of Toy Design is creating content. During my career I have scripted and planned content for feature plush, educational electronics, branded apps and packaging. I am often called on to pitch new character names, bios and copy and love using alliteration and puns throughout my work.

Freelance, Full-time
Andrew Maximilian Blanch
Toy Design/ Senior Product Manager / Children’s Content Writer Hong Kong, Hong Kong