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Elmo's Count Along Crayons
Ernie's Alphabet Notepad
Get Ready Elmo
I planned some games which spoofed popular apps for an ambitious project we ultimately ended up abandoning. It was fun to "Sesame Streetize" popular culture with puns the way the show was very into at the time.
Sesame Sketches.
Took a lot of paths before settling on the Steps to School Theme.
Sesame Sketches.
I am still in love with the concept of a toy phone that doesn't want to talk to you and tells you to "Scram!".
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Sesame Street Playskool ELA

Starting at Hasbro, this was a great first project to apply my years of preschool teaching experience towards. Also a great crash course in Hasbro Development 101. Collaborated with some awesome prototype vendors and engineers, took the train down to NYC to record Sesame Street Muppeteers, wrote scripts, songs and game-play and was chosen to present the line to Hasbro's execs and 100 of their closest friends during the quarterly line reviews.

Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Andrew Maximilian Blanch
Toy Design/ Senior Product Manager / Content Writer London, United Kingdom