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apple diecut pad
heart diecut pad
chair diecut pads
daffodil list block top
daffodil list block side
holiday list block
shells list block
apple list pad
coral matchbook pad
apple diecut pad on cutting board
coral list pad on cutting board
cow round writers block
sand dollar sticky on a pen
shell sticky on a pen
apple diecut pad
floral sticky on pens
more floral sticky on pens
initial sticky on a pen
initial notebook with pen
initial notebook
floral giant notepad
coral giant notepad
"smile" sticky stack
"hugs" sticky stack
"sing" sticky stack
"wish" sticky stack
"enjoy" sticky stack
"love" sticky stack
"beach bum" sticky stack
"teacher's rock" writer's block
"personally yours" polka dot list pad
"personally yours" striped list pad
"stacy" writer's block
"initial trellis" round writer's block
"personally yours" tower of notes
"power of pink" daisy tower of notes
"teacher's rock" tower of notes
"peace, love, coffee" tower of notes
"stacy" tower of notes
"fun in the sun" tower or notes
"girlfriends" photo album
initial sticky on a pen display
initial notebook display
sticky stack fun colors display
"teacher's rock" sticky stack display
"beach bum" & "flip flop" sticky stack display
geometric matchbook pad
geometric writer's block
aqua floral list block
art nouveau list block
holiday plaid list block
holiday dot and stripe tower of notes
holiday dots list block
daisy sticky on a pen
rose sticky on a pen
holiday dot and stripe writer's block
Stationery - Paper Goods
Freelance, Moonlighting
Angi Hillock
Freelance Artist and Designer Cameron Park, CA