Analysis diagrams
analysis diagrams
Coastal road development project urban design report-Mumbai

Coastal Road The Proposal-

Mumbai being island city,
According to The CRZ notification dt.06.01.2011 issued by the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Govt. of India (MOEF, GOI) recommended about 35.6 km. coastal freeway comprising a combination of coastal roads based on reclamation, bridges, elevated roads and tunnels on western side of Mumbai.

Urban design strategy-
The construction of coastal Road based on reclamation would help generate large green public spaces. The city currently has very little open space .The availability of open space per 1000 persons in the city is merely 0.03Ha as compared to the norm of 0.2 Ha. In the last two decades

Coastal road project generates about approx 91 Ha land of which 75 Ha of green space is usable(in 4500 Cr. As per valuation). These all green spaces along seaside can be developed for public by creating cycling tracks, Promenades, Landscape, Theme parks playgrounds etc.

Aniket Bagul
aniketbagul Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates