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Cookwise - cook wisely ... cook easily...

Cooking is too elaborate, laborious and tedious & Indian cuisine is even more so – this is the most common view point amongst today’s generation. Many youngsters,who move to different cities or states in search of better job prospects tend to eat at messes, get “tiffin-box” services or depend largely on ready-to-make meals. Indian girls now are more career oriented and tend to have little or no cooking experience when they when they move in to their in-laws house or with their spouse after marriage. Even middle aged house wives find it difficult to manage variety and nutrition in the lunch boxes for their kids, spouse and even the daily home menu. Due to fast paced life even simple everyday traditional recipes are getting forgotten and are being replaced by junk food which is affecting the health of majority. This app is designed to break down the entire cooking process to simpler tasks and re-organise them to optimize the total process and make cooking easier ...

Anjana Murthy
UX/UI , Industrial/Product designer Bengaluru, India