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AW 2021 women's shoes trend book

APPD shoe trend book is a useful tool for creating hundreds of footwear lines and thousands of models.
The 120 design proposals are footwear models designed on different structures, with original ideas of uppers and complete technical references, ready to be reworked and translated into patterns, products and researches.
Each proposal is visible in vector, accompanied by technical indications, and in colored version, with specific indications of the combined colors.
Each theme is explicit and consists of a color palette consistent with the trend considered.
The aim of APPD Women’s shoe trend book is to explore innovative, original and surprising shoe ideas.
The starting point of this trendbook is linked to the anthropological and stylistic analysis of the footwear sector, with particular attention to footwear technology.

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Anna Paola Pascuzzi
Shoe designer and product manager Rome, Italy