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Live Schematic - Customer Service Aides - These schematic 'peg-boards' were assembled utilizing working scooter units after being fully disassembled.

By creating these "Live" schematics, we allowed our customer service department to replicate problems that customers were experiencing thereby eliminating the cost of shipping scooters back to Headquarters.

This proved to be immensely useful as we were able to pin-point most problems and after a few months, CSR's were aware of most problems, their causes and solutions.

Reverse Engineering - Parts Manual - See above description.
Reverse Engineering - Parts Manual - See above description.
Instruction Manual - This image portrays the cover of an instruction manual created for the Phantom IV scooter. The scooter was sold in Target Stores across the U.S.

The entire manual is 26 pages long and a hard copy can be sent to employers upon request.
Electric Scooter - Project Completed for Electra Accessories, Inc.

Scooter 1 of 8 shown. If you are curious and want to see the others, email me.

Schematics pages were completed to aid "Pep Boys" retail stores in ordering replacement parts for customers as well as showing them how to assemble parts that could be disassembled.

Project was started because customers were returning entire units instead of ordering replacement parts.
Scooter Identification and Parts Breakdown - These schematic sheets were utilized in the instruction manual of the Phantom IV/VOY scooter.
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