Living in the Shadow of Elders' Bones

A collection of abandoned, boarded up, and demolished buildings.
We live in the shadow of ruined opulence. A jagged silhouette is cast by palatial buildings erected for a lost caste’s fancy, now hoarded and left to decrepitude. Their usage blocked, nurturing decay in the pursuit of potential future profits. Prevented from inhabiting the past, the newly emptied plots remind us that what will be built in their place is unlikely to serve the real needs of present denizens.

March 20th - 27th, 2019, CAHOOTS: A4 Sounds with Sample - Studios, St. Luke's - The Crypt, Cork

November 8th - 18th, 2018, Locale#2: Time to be Home, A4 Sounds Gallery, Dublin

Freelance, Moonlighting
Aoife Balfe
Animation Artist Dublin, Ireland