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(Play Me Records) Nostalgia - Get Dizzy (Official Artwork)
(Play Me Records) Frank Royal - Arrival EP (Official Artwork)
(Play Me Records) 2TONEDISCO - Catnip (Official Artwork)
(Play Me Records) Spag Heddy - Pink Koeds EP (Official Artwork)
JumoDaddy - Four Horses Pt. 1 (Official)
Unofficial Nero Single Artwork. Thought I'd pick an artist I love and make a mock album.
Drix - Cave Dweller (Official)
Muramasa Edit
Unofficial Savant Artwork
Crazy Or Nothing - Infinite Ammo EP (Official)
Lana Del Rey - Young and Beautiful (Eliminate Remix) (Official)
O.G COB - Fargo (Official)
Unofficial ShockOne - Light Cycles (Prelude) artwork
(Official Artwork) Secret Panda Society - EP on Play Me Records
(Unofficial) Teddy Killerz - Drunk Fairy
Yo Gotti ft. Young Jeezy & YG - Act Right (Nato Feelz Remix) (Official)
Drake - Trophies (D!RTY AUD!O Remix) (Official)
D!RTY AUDIO - Swisher
Heartwreck - Heart Flurries (Official)
Rustie - All Nite (Unofficial)
(Unofficial) Kai Wachi - Kannibal
(Unofficial) Kai Wachi - Gameover
Gaszia - TropClop (Official)
(Unofficial) SkiSM - Experts
(DamnSon) Album 3D render Test artwork (Unofficial)
(Damn Son Records) DJ RoboRob - Terra (Solaris Part II)
Neon Mansion - Make It Bounce
(Damn Son Records) Cymbalik - Headnodik EP
(Damn Son) Drix - Skinwalker
(Play Me Records) Spag Heddy - Pink Koeds EP (Unofficial Artwork)
(Grindin' Records) D!RTY AUD!O x LOUDPVCK - Buck
(Damn Son) Drix - Skinwalker (Unofficial)
(Damn Son) RoboCLIP - Remixed
(Grindin' Records) D!RTY AUD!O - Internet
(Damn Son) RoboCLIP - Level Up
(Damn Son) Gaszia - Dalle Ombre
Agent Zero - Ones and Zeros
Agent Zero - Audio Games
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