Luxe Spa logo - Logo/identity for day spa based on client's overall concept - clean, simple, sleek, high-end.
Perpetual Motion blog logo - Logo for travel blog.
Kameli Law Group logo - Initial sketches and final logo (inset).
DePaul Aids Project logo - Logo idea for the DePaul Aids Project (DAP). Clasped hands to symbolize unity, collaboration, strength, while also shaped reminiscent of AIDS ribbon.
Pingtec logo - Logo for Pingtec, promotional technology company. Client desired logo to be clean and modern, and convey speed and efficiency.
Cheapo Chicago blog logo - Logo/banner for blog on cheap Chicago establishments. (
Drunk Dresses & Desserts logo - Logo proposals for online store selling vintage clothing and alcohol-infused pastries. Client desired a logo that was both fun and sophisticated, as well as simple, text-only, and suitable for garment tags.
Photographer logo - Logo proposals for a photographer.
WHSP Group logo - Reworked logo for parent company dealing in international health care and pharmaceuticals.
Allison Tenn
Graphic Designer, Photographer at U.S. Cellular Chicago, IL