It's Cold Illustration
Gotham Girls vs. Philly
Mad Rollin' Dolls Halloween in Full Color
Band poster for The Knitting Factory, L.A.
Surly Brawlarinas - Arizona Roller Derby, Phoenix, AZ
Spring Break - Conneticut Roller Girls, Entire State
Doomsdames - Duke City Derby Home Team Doomsdames Feature Poster
Duke City Derby Championships - Duke City Derby, Albuquerque, NM
Hobots vs. DIA
Bar Fight!
Munecas Muertas
Mad Rollin' Dolls Halloween in 2 color press
North Star New Years Eve
North Star Gidget
Mean Green Fighting Machine
Hobots vs. Doomsdames - Duke City Derby, Albuquerque, NM
Banger Sisters Valentine
Oil City vs. Vancouver
Dirty Dollz vs. Krypt Keepers
Roller Disco Part 1
Roller Disco Part 2
Angel of Death
Sin City vs. Angel City
Front Cover of Blood and Thunder Magazine
Derby Intelligence Agency
Mens Roller Derby Nationals
Edmonton, Alberta
Anchorage Alaska
Sacramento vs. Seattle
Naptown Rollergirls Religious Tryptich
OC Rollergirls
Rage City Xmas
Athena Funk
Tattoo Artist/Illustrator Las Vegas, NV