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logo and website for the typeface competition "Type Milosz 2011" - client: ZNACZY SIE New Art Foundation
year: 2011
projekt strony dla firmy K-Part - zajmujacej sie produkcja specjalistycznej odziezy i sprzetu dla sluzb medycznych
Wiejskie Klimaty
Wiejskie Klimaty - website
Virtual Museum of Erotic Art www.muzeumerotyzmu.pl - The website has been created as a diploma work in Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. It has nothing in common with standard porn/erotic websites which are rather similar to trade offers than design works. One can notice a not conforming to User Friendly standards rule that has been a part of the idea. It presents 69 works of art created by widely known artists. The whole concept of the website is to bring to mind an idea of exploration in a game of erotic transgressions.
Silver Award - EdAwards '09
F1&LG website sketch
F1&LG website sketch
projekt strony dla Polopiryny
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Aleksandra Toborowicz
graphic designer / artist / Cracow, Poland Kraków, Poland