Kendal Kane - Illustrator Cs4
Pirate Octopus - Adobe CS4
Atomic Fighter - I call this one the Atomic Fighter R-Savior. I had an idea sitting in my head to draw a little deformed Gundam robot and I decided just to have fund with it and make it a parody illustration. It's part Transformer, Mazinger and Gundam.

Created in Illustrator CS3
A little side note, I like to create some of my illustrations from shapes. I take basic shapes and see what I can come up with.
Snowy Pals
Grease Monkey
Genki Monkey - T-shirt Illustration
Adobe Illustrator CS3
Atomic Boogaloo Logo
Pumpkin King
Simon Sea Monster
Shadow Candy - A quick and simple illustration I did just for fun. It's the main character from an Iphone game called Shadow Candy, which a totally cute Mario Clone.

They were having a contest and I thought I would draw this just for fun.
Evil Daniel the Turtle - This illustration is based off a character from my friends online cartoon, Supa Pirate Booty Hunt. It's my version of their turtle gone mad with power. This was illustrated quite a few years ago when I was just learning illustrator.

Tools: Adobe Photoshop Cs2
Adobe Illustrator Cs2
Future Zack - This character is based off the main character from my friends online cartoon. I drew it for a pirate themed artshow.

Most of this was drawn in Photoshop CS2, then brought over to Illustrator CS2 to color.
Sea Monster Paper Toy - I decided to do a sea monster template. I was trying to be as creative as I could working within a cubed shape. Originally I was just going to have him naked, but thought the kiddies might like it if he looked a little like a pirate. I haven't put him together yet, so I don't know how it looks assembled.
Frankenstein character design for personal project
Pacman Illustration for Client. Vector, Adobe Illustrator CS6
Super Hero Bee Mascot I created for a client, Bam!Mktg. Illustrated based on a clients notes. Created in Illustrator Cs6.
Robot Illustration created in Adobe Illustrator Cs5.
Mascot Design, Adobe Illustrator Cs6 and Photoshop CS6
Boo! A little owl dressed up as a pirate for Halloween on top of his magical Pumpkin house.
Trick or Treat. Halloween illustration created in Adobe Illustrator CS6 with a paper texture overlay for effect.
Mascot design and computer wallpaper design. Illustrated in Adobe Illustrator cs6
Sailor Tigers, T-shirt design. Illustrated in Adobe Illustrator.

Digital Illustrations I created for a brand I created called Atomic Boogaloo. All images were created in Adobe Illustrator.

John Earickson
Graphic Designer and Artist at Atomic Boogaloo Inglewood, CA