T-shirt mockup for a new design I will be launching in November. T-shirt is from a Go Media template and illustration done in Adobe Illustrator cs5.
A production shot of the T-Shirt I designed.
A T-shirt mockup I created for a new project I just came up with. Image created actually started in a vector app on the Ipad and brought into Adobe Illustrator CS6 where I finished it up.
T-shirt mockup for a new T-shirt clothing line. This artwork is still in the development stage. Artwork is vector.
Original T-shirt Line Punk Zoo. Illustrated the character in Adobe Illustrator CS6
T-shirt Designs

T-shirt designs I created for Atomic Boogaloo. All t-shirt art is created using Adobe Illustrator, 100 percent vector.

John Earickson
Graphic Designer and Artist at Atomic Boogaloo Inglewood, CA