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Pixie for Volkswagen - Polo new generation fro the internet-generation.
Designed at Volkswagen (Wolfsburg).Interior and exterior design, 3D tape and clay model.
Exterior: sensuality, graphic approach, interactivity.
Interior: interactivity, sensory design, intimate feelings.
PIXIE_ INTERIOR - The ring opens to welcome you in the car.
All the driving commands are layers attached to that ring.
The command of direction is a layer that slides on the right and on the left of the ring.
The air outlet for the air conditioner is a volcano between the two seats. It diffuses different colours depending on the temperature you have chosen.
halo_your second skin - Personal project.
The Halo concept is a reflexion about the automotive myth.
It is designed to be an amplifier of dreams and freedom. It is this second skin that allows to transcend your limits.
Getting to see more things, farther, better. The landscape merges with the imagination of the driver to increase his perception of reality and his freedom. Welcome into your second skin.
cYmbiose - The topic of this partnership with Citroen was to definine a prospective theme for the interior style of Citro├źn.
>> To reconsider the automobile as a system that would have evolved in symbiosis with the human beings.
>> To rediscover lively and affective relationship with the vehicle.
2000 (restyled in 2002)
ghost_car - The ghost-car is an extreme exploration of a new dimension appearing in the car industry: the augmented reality and the virtual reality.
In the 1st configuration the windows are opaque. The reality is entirely reconstituted through the eye-wear of the driver.
The 2d configuration is the classical one: the windscreen and the DLOs become transparent.
It is not a reconstituted reality but just an augmented reality.
By night the car is still luminescent to be seen, and the night vision is provided by the augmented reality to the driver.