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Who moved my BULB - A lamp with a shade is possible, but shade without a lamp functioning as a source of illumination is surprising. Isnt it ? This wonderful object is only possible with the use of camouflaging LEDs. Its inner translucent walls consists of closely packed LEDs on the undersurface which gives the shade a mysterious uniform glow. It will never fail to surprise your guests, when they look for that lone bulb inside the shade and instead they find a shade which itself is a lamp.
SPROUT - It is a proven fact that when
gardner gets emotionally involved, the plants grow better.
Sprout is a concept lamp which functions on similar principle. The lamp makes use of touch sensitive LEDs which are packed on the stem surface, light up on being touched. The level of lighting also changes in accordance to the amount of stem touched.
This interface gives the lamp a feeling of being active and involving hence providing plant like qualities.
LILY - Its a lamp inspired by the flower LILY.
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