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Oki Bum Locals
Casey Jones
Medusa & Twin sister Cassidy
Theo Thomson
Blacktop Skateshop wall in Orlando, FL
5 Angels of Oki - Munny Custom for Uberbot Munny Show #2
Ken Gitty - Munny Custom for Uberbot Munny Show #1
Yara Erazo
Cheeks Brown (success) - Illo for Defish Mag
SuperHero Bobby & Freddi Smogface - Published in Spectrum 13
Lisa & Klay (The Tooth Fairy & The Boogieman) - Published in Spectrum 12
All Arms on Me
Alice & Pete
Klaimco Wolf Design (3 pigs series) - Pen and Ink, Photoshop
Original Transformer design done in pen and ink, colored in photoshop
Original tranformer design, pen and ink colored in photoshop
Robot Concept done in Painter
Robot Concept done in Painter
MDLNxB43 skatedeck - Collaboration project with http://www.meadowln.com/
Charlie Baker - Plush protype hand constructed
Mars seeds and Peace - mixed media 9"X12"
"Thelonious and the children of Ego" - acrylic/oils on 12x16 canvas
Body of Work
Dennis Brown
Bagger43 San Antonio, TX