Numerous multi-sport helmets were modified with chinbars and tested in our in-house state of the art test lab to determine the feasibility of the design.
Screen shot of the chinbar deflection test of a modified multi-sport helmet.
Final 3D print for tooling release.
Final 3D print for tooling release.
Halfscale model and fullscale production helmet.


The current full face helmet landscape for this age range (5-7yrs) are bulky, off centered, and way too large for the riders wearing them. They need a helmet that is light weight and still offers the protection of a full face helmet.

This project began with mocking up numerous multi-sport helmets with chinbars and deflection testing them. Once this was proved out sketching and 3D began. A class of third graders come into the office to have theirs heads 3D scanned and fitted with the prototype helmets. This was instrumental in defining the eye-port geometry, chin bar location, and general fit of the helmet.

With such a low price point most of the original details of the helmet needed to be removed due to cost but still feel moto inspired. Molded mesh covered vents, texture on the chin bar to resemble a gasket, and an integrated visor were some of the details achieved with little to no extra cost.

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Benjamin Pritz
Sr. Industrial Designer Santa Cruz, CA