initial sketches
Foam models, Half scale & full size 3D prints
Integrated MIPS development
Full Size 3D prints
Rear goggle gripper development
Half scale 3D prints
Removable camera/light mount development
Visor development
In-molded EPP development
Visible roll cage
Wind tunnel testing

The SIXER & the 4FORTY MTB helmets were designed in tandem. I began the project with numerous sketches and half scale foam models shaped by hand. I then quickly moved into 3D (SolidWorks) to create several different iterations and 3D printed half scale models to review with the ID team & BELL athletes. Once the design was solidified, engineering was brought in to help with impact testing & manufacturability of in-molded plastic parts. I spent countless hours dialing in the details, fit & finish, and of course, product testing on the trails of Santa Cruz. The result is two category defining helmets that set a new standard for MTB helmet performance & aesthetics.

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Benjamin Pritz
Sr. Industrial Designer Santa Cruz, CA