Bollé Design Lab project wall w/ full size foam model.
Initial APV mechanism design prototype
Gaining insights & feedback from David Wise
Wind tunnel and real world ventilation testing.
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The Bollé RYFT is a ski helmet designed and engineered to provide unsurpassed helmet temperature regulation for novice skiers, backcountry explorers, and Olympic athletes. Active Panel Ventilation (APV) is a patent pending new technology that is part of a unique snow helmet ventilation system created exclusively for Bollé. APV allows for larger vent openings and increased airflow while still passing impact certification testing allowing the rider to easily control helmet temperature when hiking to the summit or slashing turns off-piste. This project began with the idea to reimagine what a snow helmet ventilation system could be. Numerous slider designs were explored that challenged many engineers’ ideas of what is possible. Sketches and half-scale models quickly followed to define details, fit, and volume. The result sets a new standard in snow helmet design and engineering.

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Benjamin Pritz
Sr. Industrial Designer Santa Cruz, CA