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Mandible reconstruction - These are stylized renders representing the transition from digital data to real rapid prototyped objects used in reconstructive medicine. These images are used in presentations, web and marketing for iRSM (the Institute for Reconstructive Sciences in Medicine).
Reconstructive Implants - Stylized images of implants used in reconstructing the face and foot.
Transition - Render showing the transition from digital data to real model.
Inside of an Ear - A ghosted view of an ear and underlying structures.
Maxillary cancer - I modeled the tumor to highlight the cancerous section.
Cranio Implant - When an individual has to have a portion of their skull removed due to cancer or trauma, an implant can be produced using CAD + RP from medical imaging. This provides a perfect fit for surgery.
Medical Models - Renders of typical models used to evaluate pre-surgery (Foot, Hip, Head, Spine). These get rapid prototyped and the surgeons can practice, cut into them and plan...basically transitioning from 2D Xrays to 3D Models.
Full Skull - Render of a healthy skull.
Skin & Bone - Image showing how you can segment skin from bone using modeling software and medical imaging...and then rapid prototype it for surgeons to plan and reference. Creepy!
Medical Visualization
Ben King
Industrial Designer Edmonton, Canada