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We did an extensive research across various places in Pune where we observed and spoke to the senior citizens. They mostly talked about news, religion or their families. Since each of them had a lot of experience and knowledge, we designed a system where they could interact with each other and also with the younger generation over their hobbies/ career and share their knowledge.
The system was designed in three solutions: A Newsletter, Website and an Event.
The Website would be powered by Skillpages and Justdial. Senior Citizens would not only find their needs through Justdial, but also find themselves needful through skillpages.
The guidelines for the website are as follows:
Ease of navigation
Intuitive, Simple, Clear, Distinct
Legible font

The System would help maintain personal identity, make useful contacts, search for opportunities & build meaningful relationships by participating.
Interaction Between Senior Citizens

To bring out senior citizens out of inertia of remaining aloof and idle and encourage them to mix freely with all in the society. An initiative to lead a Healthy, busy and Happy life. Help them pass time usefully and peacefully.

Bhairavi Singh
Product Design Mumbai, India