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Rain Play - Outdoor Ceiling Panels to enjoy rain-Thesis work - My thesis is called Rain Play. Rain turns a good day bad. It makes gray clouds in the sky and within us and gets everything wet. Parents protect their kids from the rain and shelter them from getting wet. Kids, however, enjoy the experiences of such a "bad" day. They are fun seekers and their curiosity never dries out. This project takes a look at rain from this angle, and explores the possibility to change people’s perceptions through design.
I gathered a group of children and asked them to interpret rain in different ways. I created several activities for them to explore their ideas. I also asked them draw pictures of rain.
There were many beautiful drawings, but one, in particular, caught my eye. The rain in this drawing wasn’t just the expected blue, it was multi-colored. This interpretation made rain look more fun to me, so I used that child’s insight for my next piece.
I wrapped sheets of latex rubber around a frame and adhered colorful acrylic rods.
I took this panel outdoors on a rainy day. From earlier discoveries of rain’s power to create movement, I thought that the weight of the rain might create interesting activity below.
I adjusted the tension in the latex to try to accentuate the movement of the rods and clustered the rods closer together attempting to create an abstract choreographed dance of colorful rain and sound.
In keeping with that child’s abstraction of rain, I reinterpreted the frames as abstract clouds, the birthplace of rain.
I imagine several of these panels hung together, creating an environment for people to stand beneath, while observing the rain be transformed into new color, sound, and movement.
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Outdoor Ceiling Panels to enjoy rain-Thesis work