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Re-examined 150 years of personal commuter vehicles to design a better transportation method from the ground-up.
Conducted world-wide market research studies to determine how people were using daily vehicles, necessary weight, necessary cargo, number of passengers, distance of travel, etc.
Focused data to profile for the 95th-percentile, requiring limited baggage and weight for daily commuting needs. Extensively studied easy-to-learn control systems as found on PWC, ATV, and motorcycle controls.
Through hundreds of iterations, designed a coaxial and tailless helicopter for daily transportation needs.
Fully capable of taking off and landing from a driveway.
Construction materials are under $35,000- pricing competitively to the automotive industry.
And very simple to operate.
Capable of water-landings using fixed pontoons that can be rotated and precisely trimmed during flight to add extra lift and stability, further contributing to the range.
Collapsible coaxial rotors allow easy parking inside a parking space and trailer-ability behind an automobile.
3D-printed model was completed and showcased in gallery exhibitions.
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Personal Use Helicopter

Personal Use Helicopter