Terreform ONE Micro-Exhibition for BASF's 150th Anniversary.
Media: biopolymer of acetobacter, chitin, mycelium. Size: 20"x 21"x 14". Support/ Consultation: Ecovative Design LLC, Suzanne Lee and BioCouture. Sponsor: NYU Gallatin.
Credits: Terreform ONE + Genspace Principal Investigators: Mitchell Joachim, Oliver Medvedik, Melanie Fessel Team: Maria Aiolova, Ellen Jorgenson, Shruti Grover, James Schwartz, Josue Ledema, Tania Doles, Philip Weller, Greg Pucillo, Shivina Harjani, Jesse Hull, Peter Zhang, Matthew Tarpley, Amanda O’Keefe, Bahar Avanoglu, Ipek Avanoglu, Brent Solomon, Pedro Galindo-Landeira, Yinan Li, Sophie Fabbri. Sponsor: Ecovative

WHY GROW A SURFACE? These prototypes for a mycoform surface system occupy the intersection of parametric CAD design and synthetic biology. Their multi-curved shapes are designed and cut digitally, but the segments are grown from strains of fungi into the specific 3D geometries of the piece. This low-tech, low energy process is pollution free, and contains a low embodied energy as part of a local ecosystem. The technology is easily transferable to the developing world. At the end of the useful product life cycle, Mycoform can be composted and safely reintroduced back into the environment, where it can be naturally biodegraded.

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Brent Solomon
Designer Brooklyn, NY