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Love Lounge - Todays love seat, with a twist (down the centre ;) ) Come, lounge with me.
happy/sad ? - quick pencil sketch
Tote - Although just a sketch (and a failed model, the fabric was too soft) I absolutely love this simple design and see it as either a tiny tote, 4x4x2 or as a large bag.
formware - I designed this shape and form thinking of the traditional pint glass, and how the bump on the glass was a sort of stopper for your hand. As for my subject...I have a great deal of respect for the human body - its limits, its ability to go beyond and the discipline that is involved. I know that this design could be seen to be quite sexual, but for me it is just form and beauty.
Bracket Bench - a bench inspired by those who perch upon it.
Flying v - A flying V rocking chair, the rocking up and down of the chair mimics the beating of a bird's wings. The V shape is inspired by the flying bird itself.
My sister says it is hard to look cool...while partying with your thumb stuck into a bottle. - Dilemma: how to dissuade rohypnol prowlers, while still looking fine?
A ring! Why: a silicon ring would help the flower clip stay in/on the bottle by being squished into the neck of the bottle. Plus a ring is Jewelery. Also easy to remember. Petals clip down around the opening of a bottle, for added security.

Next: a cover for cups. The cup would be covered with a soft foam circle, with an elastic 'garter belt'. Circle surface could be for logos or ads
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