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M and K Great Franchise

M and K Great Franchise is an car shop that's sell tires, changes oil, do inspection on cars.

M and K Great Franchise, business owner, Maurice, reached out to me in need of a fresh logo for his new car shop. The primary goal of the new logo was it needed to stand out in a unique way, represents crown, gold, style font.
Sew What!

Sew What!, hair salon, the owner Debbie, wanted her business cards to pop out with her images on front/back of the card. Her choices of colors are gold/black. I printed 500 business cards in cardstock, and glossy.
FOCcus Flyer

Kimberly D. Norris, Owner, reached out to to do a flashy flyer for her "FOCcus Event". The event is based on women being in violence situation. They want to help them solve their problems.
Relax N Soak

Relax N Soak is an independent business owner, from Washington, D.C.

Phyllis, Relax N Soak, independent business owner, reach out to me in need of a new logo, banner, business card, and flyer for her startup event that is very important. After discussions of her company, we tend to print all the promotional as well.
252 Lawn and Landscaping

252 Lawn and Landscaping in Rocky Mount, NC that landscape at customers home and services. Besides cutting grass, they spray insects, cutting, trimming branches. The client wanted a business card, sign-maker (door magnet), banner, for his company.
Pop Girl!

The photo retouching is a representation back in the day of how women's was on front covers, in promotional items to have a fun colorful look. I wanted to bring that back and do my own thing of how I DO POP!
Crave Icecream Cone

Crave Icecream Cone Apparel. The brand clothing is a modern, street wear, fun style includes collections in spring/summer, fall/winter, and few holidays. The logo is mixed with orange, white, black color. The snapback hat is navy blue/orange. Online Shop: www.craveicecreamcone.com
Crave Icecream Cone

Crave Icecream Cone Apparel. The brand clothing is a modern, street wear, fun style includes collections in spring/summer, fall/winter, and few holidays. The logo is on front of hoodie sweatshirt with a asphalt black. Online Shop: www.craveicecreamcone.com
Crave Icecream Cone

The website is feature on Mac laptop and also features on iPhone, iPad devices were customers can download the website and view all things going on.
Rascal Flatt Collection Album

Rascal Flatt country band has been around for years selling their albums around the world. They sing in country awards, and collaborate with other artists. They have hits songs that is number #1 on the charts.

The lyrics inside booklet is drop shadow, the images and the font in front of cover is display of them as artists. The colors are fire in burn to produce the edge of their success.
Bass Magazine (Modern Day).

GreenDay is an American punk rock band formed in 1987. I picked the high contrast, and bold colors to focus more on the photography. I combined the images and font to give a unique appeal. The band inspires me to create these products differently because I want to do something that is off edge.
Blind Rose Movie Collection

I came up with my own idea for the collection. The characters in movie is: Tom Cruise, Meg Ryan and Paul Walker. The age-old story of a love triangle. The design utilizes red which symbolizes love and passion.
ASPCA Organization

The organization brings awareness to the topic of animal abuse. The features here are an event poster, admission ticket and a t- shirt design used as a gift for those in attendance of the event.
Charlotte Motorcycle Event

The motorcycle materials are a cool orange color. The intended audience is people who go to motorcycle event. The tickets, calendar, and flyer give a preview of what will be at the event. The items contain pictures and use a consistent font.
Batman Pre-Press Booklet

Comic book character Batman must save lives that Joker wants to destroy in Gotham City. The images on the booklet and spreads highlight the characters in the movie. In addition to telling the story, the booklet is also a pre press educational tool.
Raising Animals With Children

The book deals with children and animals getting along with each other and showing their love of playing, caring, and laughing. The book is kids having love for their pets to enjoy life with them.

The layout is done in Adobe InDesign CS5 front and back cover with the large pixel image in font. The colors are blue because the affection of the story.
Pressure Tab

The advertisement campaign was designed from my own idea of a energy drink. The logo is wild and energetic. The quotes are from famous individuals who speak on energy. I created the logo and incorporated the quotes along with the can material and bottle appearance for a bold appeal.
Caribbean Theme Park Brochure

I created the brochure in my own idea to capture what it be like having a Pirates of Caribbean theme park. I created the layout to bring excitement to the customers. The dark yellow and black colors mirror the cinematography in the movie.
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Graphic Design

I'm a Freelance Graphic Designer that works with clients projects to solve problems. I am looking for more design opportunity's in the industry.

Mellisa T Brown
Freelance Graphic Designer Rocky Mount, NC