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Batman Redesign - My take on the Cap Crusader. Designed to mesh with my Superman also posted.
Spider-man - I made a couple of slight alterations in my take on Spidey. I simplified the webbing pattern on his costume to make it almost just straight lines intersecting the vertical lines. I also made the spider emblem on his chest more angular & less rounded. I think it makes it more stylized & slightly edgier. Probably the biggest change I made was removing all the blue on his suit & replacing it with black.
Superman - How do you make an "S" not really be an "S" but still look like an "S"? That is the problem with Superman. It's really not suppose to be an "S", it's suppose to be his Kryptonian family's symbol. But to earthlings, it's seen as a "S". I tried to make it more interesting than what it more commonly looks like. I also got rid of the red underwear. I really hate the underwear on the outside of costumes.
WW2 Captain America - Just a fun character design of Captain America in a WW2 themed costume.
Ironman - Ironman drawing for a friend. I decided to create this using the same technique I work with for my "probe" characters. Traditionally inked and digital color.
Captain America
Chinese Acrobat
Lou the Strongman
Tight-rope Walker
Probe #5
Black Shadow Sketch - An attempt at a Ninja
Probe posing - My main character that I'm working with.
Probe jumping
Doc Waters - Kind of a combo between Doc. Ock and Mr. Freeze. The main villain in the Probe's rogue gallery.
Mad Cow - Nothing meaner than a cross between a bull and a biker.
Frog-man - One of the last surviving members of an alien race of frogs. Frog-man (aka Azureus) was banished from his home planet by the Toad empire. Doomed to float alone in the galaxy, his prison ship crash lands on a mysterious planet called Earth.
the Raider - Think of the Orkin-Man on crazy pills. His tag line:
"Evil's got Gas."
Probe #1
Probe #2
Probe #3
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Bryan Finch
Freelance Designer & Art Director St. Louis, MO