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OtterBox launched a new series of smartphone case in early 2013. The case was waterproof, drop proof, dust proof, and crush proof. The unveiling of this new series for OtterBox warranted a unique launch kit to introduce the new product to external media and account management. Ideas included many different ways to present the case to quickly and clearly communicate all of its extreme properties. The final box was prototyped and manufactured by an overseas vendor, but all structural and graphic design was custom designed specific to the new product launch. The premium feel of the kit matched the premium level of the product and was a successful introduction of the product to external OtterBox partners.
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The goal of all of the concepts was to communicate the extreme features and capabilities of the case in a unique and engaging way.
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A spec package was created and sent to an overseas vendor to prototype the box. Measurements for all pieces of the box and specs for how the box should open were drawn up and put into a complete product package. A “white sample” was sent back for fit testing.
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The final design included river rock graphics around the case itself, foil stamping on the interior panel displaying the product name, and a brief introduction about the case to the kits recipient. Soft touch coating, spot gloss, foil stamping, and magnets in the lid, together created a premium box to present a premium product.
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Armor Series Launch Kit
Heather Bybee
Packaging Designer San Francisco, CA