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In 2013 OtterBox acquired the screen protector company “Wrapsol” and added a line of screen protectors to their core product line for smartphones and tablets. This packaging redesign was a challenge in brand identity and graphic design. Sub brand names and icons were developed to help differentiate between the product offering, instead of using color. Maintaining the core brand colors (black and yellow) was paramount to leverage the brand of OtterBox when introducing a new product. Due to project timing, only a graphic redesign was completed for the initial OtterBox launch; no form changes were done to the original Wrapsol packaging.
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To maintain consistency with other OtterBox packaging, icons were designed to communicate features and benefits of the product. In addition, sub brand names were created with an iconic symbol to represent the core feature of each product, and to help the customer differentiate between the product offerings.
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Graphic options were presented that varied in color, informational hierarchy, naming, and imagery. The chosen concept prominently displayed the OtterBox logo and a device images specific to the product.
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In addition to the box redesign, the informational booklet inside the box had to be redesigned and rebranded. New instructions were illustrated and copy written. This insert maintained consistency with current OtterBox product inserts by including marketing retargeting material to the consumer with the option of signing up to become part of “Planet OtterBox.”
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Final production design of North America/Asia packaging.
Each box uniquely displays an image of the device that the screen protector is made for.

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Final production design of Europe/North Africa packaging.
Due to OtterBox’s European customer requirements, the European packaging must have the OtterBox logo on the side and naming towards to the bottom of the package, as well as additional translations to all communication.

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Heather Bybee
Packaging Designer San Francisco, CA