A group effort to start, we configured departure points for understanding what a Flow Space really entailed. We identified local materials and situations which could allow for design to impose itself and discover new avenues of insight for this particular project. From this point I had written my own brief but on an issue which I would later deem less important to my full scope of conceptual reach; I wanted to affect empty plastic bottles in the common home and reuse them. I initially climbed thoughts towards reuse in an aquatic manner but as this project will illustrate it goes towards an interior space, relatively small, and without any water at all.
My understanding of a Flow Space at first was a depot of cheap materials, accessible to everyone and variably local in size. Value Village pops up because it meant to me '' local materials '' of folks who were donating and giving up what they necessarily didn't need. What I came to identify as useful in this project, as much as it frustrated me, was a collection of plastic bottles which took up way too much space.
I now concentrated on upcoming, small spaces such as apartments and condominiums in the city. Typical condo construction 2013, location, Queen street East and River street. River City Condo Development.
Where Can I Put It? What Will It Look Like? Maybe it can be a railing? To which I later dismissed... on account of the structural integrity required within a given material to allow it to be used for railings, as shown over the watercourse.
I figured that a great opportunity for design would be to build in spaces with renovations. In this photo I show an example of a collapsed ceiling. The ceiling over time needed to be removed and ultimately became exposed. I sought to examine how the user would re imagine their living quarters over time before the traditional mending process took place. Creatively approaching the surface I wanted to adapt my technology structurally... but as I would find out later, this material could not hold a vast amount of weight nor could it uphold my ideas that I wanted it to perform.
Condensation is a common problem in older living spaces in the city. This photo was taken before the removal of all the ceiling material, therein afterwards leaving it very exposed and open to the imagination's eye.
Exposed Ceiling @ The Canadian Pie Co. on Queen & Strange.
Personal Photo - Contemporary Museum of Art in Chicago, Illinois, January 5th 2013.
Still thinking architecturally
A mural I painted in the late fall in Hamilton, Ontario on an old movie theatre. Sort of an inspirational aesthetic but not quite there yet ( since it's in 2D ).
Proof that this technology exists and it was being used in an appealing manner.
Feedstock Extrusion!
My personal Process Board at home.
A quick snap of how I had hoped ( at a time ) the PET partition would fit into place.
A vertical skeleton that inspired me for a base.
Extensions in Flow Space

Real inspiration from Spain. Students had been testing a method known as extruding when applied to recycled polyethylene.

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