Start with project brief, move towards the concept. I took some photos around observations of light at a restaurant I used to work at and further developed shaping the cat scratches I would later dive into for a direction.
I liked this one because I couldav' easily made it out of thin steel and spot welded the hell out-of-it. I was thinking of a relationship between sides... sort of a balance if I can use a cheap term.
Issues of balance, sexuality, body parts -
A prototype that I later sent off to B.C for a friend of mine whom I used to work with at the restaurant.
Young 3d rendering in sketchup.
I swam the tiny candles in water which I thought would mooove the light more. On the water's edge I had glued glass tubes about 3 inches high which were supposed to be further from my previous imagery in my prototype; diluting the actual shape of a woman's body into just points of the human body with five points of glass in water. Head, Hands, and feet. I believe the flame in the middle was meant to represent sexuality in general.
Final Package: made of tissue paper.
Tea Candles
Anthony Paul ...
3D Interactive Map Designer, Abstract Artist Hamilton, Canada